Sajid Nadiadwala Movie Kick
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Sajid Nadiadwala

Film Story

Kick is the story of an adventurous and carefree guy, Devi, who does everything in life for his own kick, He seeks out new challenges and treads paths that no one has taken ever before purely for his own thrill and adrenalin rush.  A life – altering event changes his life and gives his kick a purpose. He’s now known as DEVIL who’s a notorious thief daredevil, greedy and unstoppable, he robs all over and is accumulating wealth.

The thief, Devil, enjoys the cat and mouse game with Himanshu who’s engaged to his lady love Saira . Who walks away with the girl? Why has Devi become a Devil? What is the real Kick of his mission? The grand finale is a culmination of this journey; three different people with different agenda’s, all connected to each other heading for one big KICK. 


  • Stardust (2014)
  • IIFA (2014)